Câu Lạc Bộ
The Vietnamese Historical and Cultural Performing Arts Foundation
PO Box 1571 - Westminster, CA 92684-1517 - (949) 786-6840
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The Vietnamese Historical & Cultural Performing Arts Foundation is a nonprofit-
organization, founded in 2001 in Orange County, California State and has been actively
operated since April 23, 2002 accordingly to California Permit Number 2288757, filed on
4/26/2002; with Tax Exempt ID-75079 filed on 12/15/04, to purposely educate and to bring
forward Vietnamese significant historical and cultural figures and events to the community,
especially younger generations, through various performing arts as poetry, music, dances,

In the high self-esteem of our motto “Brave Ancestors, Proud Descendants”, the
Vietnamese Historical & Cultural Performing Arts Foundation always researches and
develops the beautiful heroic acts of the Vietnamese ancestors to be the guidance for
historical and legendary chorus and dramas to perform in community events and activities.

Established as a club, the Vietnamese Historical & Cultural Performing Arts Foundation’s
structure is very simple: there is no president title and it is not related to any political or
religious parties. There is a Board of Directors consisting of three members with others
formed small groups specialized in various cultural arts to delegate the historical pride to
Vietnamese younger generations as follows:        
1-  Coordinate among other organizations in the Vietnamese oversea communities such as
the Union of Vietnamese Student Associations of Southern California,  Buoi-Chu Van An
Alumni, Gialong-Southern CA Alumnae; TrungVuong Alumnae; Phan Boi Chau Youth;
Vietnamese Teachers Association; Vietnamese Agriculture Alumni; Vietnamese Institutes;
American-Vietnamese Seniors Club; Tien Long Binh Dinh Marital Arts Club; Pharmacists 75
Choral Group; Trieu Am Group, Xuan Diem Choral Group, Thai Cuc Quyen Martial Arts
Club; Michigan Vietnamese Historical & Cultural Performing Arts Foundation, …
2-   Review and adjust to transfer the club mission to devoting and eligible young members.
3- Organize cultural events and assist other Vietnamese groups related to Vietnamese
historical and cultural performing arts.  

In order to coordinate, assist and encourage the spreading of the Vietnamese heroic history
for almost five thousand years ago, the Vietnamese Historical & Cultural Performing Arts
Foundation is honored to sponsor the Selected Plays of Heroic Legends in Vietnamese
Translated by Phuong Le
Bất Khuất